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At DMMBlitz we develop top quality bespoke website design solutions for our clients.

Online marketing should now be at the forefront of every business’s marketing strategy, as a digital marketing agency we provide full web development services using the latest and most up to date technologies available.

After consultation and discussion on your business’s internet marketing expectations we will propose the best solution to fit your company’s individual needs. No matter what your requirements, we will create a tailored web design service for you.

Technologies used include HTML5, css3, php, javascript, node.js, jQuery, SQL and a variety of CMS (content management systems) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento. If eCommerce is your company’s requirement, WoocCommerce, Shopify and Prestashop are all available shopping cart solutions with DMMBlitz.

  • Bespoke Web Design Solutions
  • Custom Branding and Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Full website analytics
  • World-Class Hosting Infrastructure

DMMBlitz will not only create a tailored website solution for your business but we can also host it on our world-class cloud hosting infrastructure. Offering the fastest delivery and load speeds around, with the safest data/website backup policies available, and with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Check out our managed cloud hosting page for more details.

Our website design agency can also host your eMail and any other integration within your digital marketing solution, be it eMail marketing list management, newsletter databases, customer loyalty programs, etc.

For a quick look at an example of some website development work we currently have underway, take a look at this sports betting website we're currently delivering a bespoke digital marketing package for, the website and social media presence was developed from the ground up, by DMMBlitz.

We have packages available for all budgets and a tiered pricing model depending on the web design service required. Contact us for more details or read on for a full outline of the website development agency service.

Initially we will require a consultation regarding your company’s digital marketing requirements and expectations to identify the best possible website development solution for you. During this time KPI’s (key performance indicators) required for performance measurement will also be identified.

KPI’s are important as they allow you and us to measure key data that’s important to your company’s online marketing success. This data can then be used to optimise and enhance the performance of your digital marketing presence. Example KPI’s are contact form submission metrics, newsletter subscription, purchase order size, cost per customer data, etc.

While KPI data measures the site’s current performance, parts of the analytics data can be drilled down into a more granular form to show exactly where your highest converting website traffic came from and thus enabling online marketing to be focused directly at those high quality traffic sources, the advantage of this requires no further explanation.

Your website will be developed inline with the requirements and specification set out within the website design consultation. If custom design and branding were set out as a part of the development process you will be in full control of the design and branding process, with the graphics, artwork and design requiring your approval before integration.

While we will carry out in depth keyword and search engine optimisation research in relation to your project and projected audience, we’ll need some help from you. Detailed content will be required from the client in relation to products and services offered. We will then optimise this content specifically for your brand and marketing expectations to achieve the best results.

Assuming your website development project was for a new brand. Only at this time can we begin to collect the traffic data crucial to optimisation and performance tuning. Once your visitor data is in full flow additional modifications and tweaks can be made to improve the website for both your customers experience and your marketing expectations.

If your web design project was an upgrade to an existing online marketing solution, it will already have been fully optimised and tuned based on your old sites data (if available) and new research carried out to outline the latest market trends.

Once your company’s website is ready to be published it will be delivered on a platform of your choice, although we highly recommend our managed cloud hosting solution it can be published anywhere you please. We will also provide an offline copy of the deliverable.

All websites produced by DMMBlitz have full analytics data integrated within the deliverable. Depending on the scope of the web design service agreed for your digital marketing solution, at this stage we will either take a back seat and let you get on with it or begin to roll out the next phase of your company’s bespoke online marketing development.

All sites produced by DMMBlitz are ‘on-page’ SEO optimised by design. Full analytics are included out of the box. Newsletter, eMail contact form, social media integration are included as standard. For an example of website development carried out by us, take a look at the top web design item in our work.

DMMBlitz offers a multitude of digital marketing services to further expand your business’s online presence. Contact us for details of the packages available for all budgets and a tiered pricing model depending on the level of service required.

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