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The jury is still out on whether YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest social media platform or the worlds 2nd largest search engine, we couldn’t decide either.

As such we provide our digital marketing agency’s YouTube marketing service as a separate internet marketing service. Discounts are available when advertising on YouTube in combination with search engine marketing services, as they use the same Google Ads platform. YouTube ads and YouTube display ads are an online marketing service for video campaigns that show ads within videos on YouTube and on websites and apps integrated as Google video partners. Ads are also displayed as Google Discovery ads or TrueView Video Discovery.

DMMBlitz not only manages the delivery of media ads content via these channels but we can also act as a media production agency for YouTube google ads and social media video ads. The media created can be used for both video ads on YouTube and for social media video campaigns. As video delivered via YouTube requires a higher resolution its preferred to produce media YouTube ready even if your business plans to advertise on social media channels.

Social media ads delivery platforms are unrelated to YouTube and Google and as such, video ads on social media fall within our social media marketing agency service. We do however have a media creation only tier, available for YouTube video ads which can be combined with one of our social media marketing packages to deliver video ads content via social media channels only.

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A brief outline of the benefits of internet video ads marketing can be summarised as follows.

  • Meet your business goals: Increase sales, boost website traffic, build awareness for your business.
  • Direct ads to the right audience: Reach viewers on YouTube and via Google display partners or social networks by targeting keywords, topics, audiences, demographics, and more.
  • Measure the ads success: Full analytics data allows us to optimise delivery to reach the right audience and find new audiences that offer value. Track views, costs, and budget details. Full transparency of ad campaign metrics is available for all clients.

Contact us for more details on the tiers and combo packages available. We can create a bespoke package to suit any marketing and production requirements.

As a YouTube marketing agency we will consult with your business regarding your expectations and goals for online video marketing. Using the information gathered from the video ads consultation DMMBlitz will conduct a feasibility assessment for the delivery of YouTube video ads and TrueView Video Discovery ads services in relation to your requirements. Be those awareness, consideration, conversion and revenue focused ads delivery and production.

If you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of producing custom video content for your business don’t worry, our design studio will guide you and your business through every step of the process from beginning to end in order to produce the highest quality and engaging video content and ads possible.

If custom video media production is required DMMBlitz will require your business to liaise with the designers, producers, and production studio during all stages of the media production prior to it being ready to air on YouTube google ads. All stages of production will require client approval before the media is deemed ready for delivery.

Once your business and the production team are happy with the ads media produced your business will be ready to reap the benefits of digital marketing with video content and ads.

A mix of ad delivery strategies and produced video marketing media can be used for campaigns with a wider reach. Re-targeting & audience targeting are available should metrics data show they may be worthwhile. Ad campaigns will be configured inline with KPIs and can use metrics data, marketing and audience lists available from and generated by text ad campaigns for delivery optimisation.

Once production is complete and the Google ads platform configured for optimal delivery your business’s video ads will be ready for airing on YouTube and Google video partners, or optimising for delivery via social networks. If your business is interested in running social media video ads, check out our social media advertising service.

Video ads are over 27 times more likely to be clicked through than standard banner ads and receive over 1’200% more shares than text and image ads combined. Video ads & TrueView Video Discovery ads merge two aspects to catch user attention and engage the viewer, sound and movement. Together they play an important role in delivering an efficient message, leading to better engagement and click through rates, CTRs.

Getting your business’s video ads, in front of targeted audiences with specific interests in your business, its products and services with geo-targeting can outperform all other paid ads in certain cases. Video content is much easier for the viewer to remember than text. Customers will not only remember the message the ad is sending but they’ll also remember you and your brand. This enables the generation of more leads, more conversions and more sales.

DMMBlitz has multiple tiers and packages available to suit any business’s video marketing requirements. If an existing solution doesn't fit your company's unique needs, we'll create a bespoke package that will.

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