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At DMMBlitz part of our website design agency service includes social media optimisation. Websites developed by us will be on-site social media optimised as standard within our web development service.

The process involves optimising websites for social functionality, this may take various forms, from social applets, social sharing from the website, like buttons or optimised landing pages for social network referred traffic.

We also offer a social media optimisation service for your individual social media profile pages static off-site content. This is content such as static profile images, static content, profile attributes. DMMBlitz provides custom branding and design services for all social platforms along with in depth research carried out on keywords, market trends, etc and the optimisation of static content in relation to this..

Our social media optimisation agency covers the top networks for every sector of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Where appropriate we will also optimise your business’s non-digital marketing media with social engagement calls to action.

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With the purpose of social media marketing being to increase brand awareness, sales & lead generation, increasing your community engagement, to grow your brand audience and to increase web traffic, it is pivotal that all associated platforms are optimised and ready to serve this purpose. Our solutions are tailor made to fit your business’s needs in order to achieve these goals. Let DMMBlitz be your company’s social media optimisation agency, leaving you time to get down to business.

Concessions are applied when SMO is part of a larger digital marketing package, there are several tiers and packages available depending on your business’s requirements, contact us for more info, or read on for a more detailed look at the SMO services available with DMMBlitz.

A full audit of all content delivery platforms related to your businesses digital marketing will be carried out by our certified professionals. We will also review your businesses offline marketing material where available. Audience research will be carried out in relation to your business and social marketing objectives.

During this process a clear framework and strategy will be defined, and a best fit solution will be proposed to fit your businesses social media marketing expectations. This may include website updates where required, social platform static content updates, additions to offline media content.

Structured optimisation process will begin, but not before the clients approval of all aspects. Once we have received approval to go ahead and roll out, updates and additions will be made to website and social platform content by our experts.

In most cases almost no downtime will be required for any of your business’s digital marketing platforms including websites while the social media optimisation work is carried out. Once the process is complete, your organisation’s entire media content will have been given a complete social makeover and can be considered optimised and ready to present & represent your business, objectives and presence on the social media stratosphere.

SMO is an extremely valuable process in terms of the outlay required and the potential return, which offers one of the highest ROI’s of any service we offer, although this is extremely difficult to measure. Requiring limited time to implement depending on the scope of the social media optimisation, this is a digital marketing service we would recommend to almost all of our clients. In most cases we will insist it’s carried out prior to social media marketing.

The SMO process should not require audit and revision too often, essentially it should be revisited and reviewed alongside audits carried out on static web content and platforms or when major additions are made to your company’s marketing infrastructure or business objectives.

If you consider your social media subsistence already adequate and optimisation not a prerequisite to paid social media ads or updates, check out our available social media marketing agency services.

DMMBlitz can assist if your business wants to get involved in the social media sphere. Social media optimisation is your starting point, contact us now for information on the tiers and packages available to suit all requirements.

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