Email Marketing Agency & SMS Marketing Services With a +99% View Rate

Email & SMS marketing allows your business to directly reach previous customers, and others who have directly shown a qualified interest in your business.

This includes opt-ins to receive updates and news from your company about products, services, events or promotions. Every logged email address that your business has recorded via the above input methods is already a highly qualified lead.

Studies have shown that email marketing is far more effective than social media marketing, paid ads, PPC and video ads, at least from a qualitative perspective. The aforementioned visitor sources do however play a pivotal role in email marketing list building as these sources generate and funnel direct interactions with your business. A survey conducted by McKinsey & Company had shown that qualified emails may be as high as 40 times more effective that other forms of online marketing once the email or SMS lead has been created..

As all email addresses are already highly qualified leads, they have a much higher chance of converting than other visitor sources, as such the customer journey right through to the purchase stage is also multiple times faster. The cost of email advertising is relatively low, even with a small email list or SMS number database. To reach larger email advertising audiences with directed emails, the cost does not increase in direct correlation with the number of email addresses or the volume of emails sent.

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  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Very High ROI
  • Quick Returns, Cheap, Effective
  • SMS Integration

Email marketing is cheap and effective with a very high return, with SMS integration we are able to achieve a +99% view rate for the message your business is wanting to send to your customers. If the receiver doesn’t open an email, we can automatically send out an SMS.

Whether you want to focus only on email marketing or would like to use the more costly SMS integration service too, we have tiers and packages available for all requirements. Contact us for full details or read on for more information on the email marketing service we provide.

Building a high quality email and SMS number list is essential for any business. Websites designed by us or social media and ppc campaigns run and managed by DMMBlitz are optimised to collect as many high quality qualified emails and telephone numbers for SMS as possible.

We will perform an audit on your website and existing traffic funnels to see where improvements can be made to generate the maximum email leads possible. If your website is not already configured to log and store email addresses in an email list database for marketing use, we will need to implement updates and configure a database to store this vital information.

If your business has any existing customer lists on paper or in spreadsheet format these can easily be added to the database when the necessary customer information is present. What we can also do at this stage is create unique audiences. Multiple lists or audiences can be created, for example three lists could be used, one for existing customers, one for buyers who’ve been in touch with your customer service and another for newsletter sign ups. Messages can be sent to any individual audience or combination of audiences.

Websites designed by DMMBlitz are pre-configured and optimisedas standard to capture and store as many of these highly qualified leads as possible. For more information on our website design agency service check here.

At this stage any required website updates, social updates, database creation or modifications, audience creation, template creation, design and branding will be carried out by our specialists. Custom branding and design for email delivery is insisted upon for the best results possible, assuming your business uses our branding and design service we will already have custom templates with your business’s branding available and ready to use for email marketing.

Once everything is in place to begin the email marketing campaign, input from your business will be required on the message you want to send to your customers. Through email marketing your business can opt for various communication strategies and will have access to our online office system to provide us with the message you want to send, these can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Commercial: Considered to be the most traditional strategy, emails that are designed and intended to increase impulsive behaviour when announcing promotions or a new product.
  • Loyalty: Customer retention, to retain customers this type of campaign aims to promote and enhance your customers relationship with your brand or company, in order to generate more sales. This could be in the form of discount coupon codes for existing customers, loyalty programs, first access to new products etc.
  • Informational: These campaigns are intended mainly to inform clients, for example about future events or to get feedback on a particular service or product.
  • Location: This is a strategy used to inform people about the location of a physical store or announce new locations, this ensures that customers know where to find your business.

It’s usually advised that over time a combination of communication strategies are used, to retain loyalty, inform customers of new products or promotions or services. And if you have a physical location or decide to open a new one, or relocate, provide your customers with this information before they start looking elsewhere.

DMMBlitz only uses best in class relays for maximum delivery rates to email list inboxes and not SPAM folders. There is a slight drawback however, not all emails are opened, this could be due to a number of reasons such as the recipient having an overloaded inbox, expired email addresses, etc.

This is where our SMS integration comes into play, should your business choose the addition of this option, if an email is delivered but not opened within a set period of time, we can automatically send an SMS to the same recipient. The SMS service is more expensive than email marketing, but SMS messages have a 98% open rate.

Should your business want access to email delivery analytics this information is freely available. Also provided is access to email audience lists for your company to make additions or re-organise as required. Complete transparency is provided.

Over 92% of adults using the internet have an email account, with over 62% checking emails daily, this is a form of digital marketing your business cannot afford to miss.

DMMBlitz has multiple packages and tiers available, we can accomodate eMail & SMS marketing lists of any size, although it may be recommended that your business builds a list of a sufficient size before marketing begins. Websites designed by our website development agency service are optimised to capture and store as many highly qualified eMail & SMS leads as possible. Contact us now for further information.

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